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Publicado em 24/12/2016



Used worldwide since 1975, DMT (Dilatometric Marchetti Test) is one of the most precise tools for in situ testing to determine settling and estimate the elasticity module (E) of prospected soil layers. Quick and simple to perform and applicable to almost any kind of soil, the test is regulated bylo Eurocode 7 and ASTM D6635 – 01(2007) Standard Test Method for Performing the Flat Plate Dilatometer.


The DMT test consists in a stainless steel blade with a thin circular expandable pushed into the ground. At every 0,2m pressure is applied to inflate the membrane. Electrical sensors provide the measures “A” and “B”.


The dilatometer blade can be advanced using a conventional CPT pusher and being an “in-situ” test, can obtain measures at several places in the same site and in different depths.