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Publicado em 24/12/2016


Our company offer diverse possibilities regarding soil sampling. Depending on the kind of soil, depth, soil resistance and other variables.

Below we indicate some of the sampling techniques that can be performed. Please contact our team to know more about sampling possibilities.


Shelby samplings are commonly used to sample fine grained soil, especially very soft and soft clays, as estabilished by ASTM D1587 – 08 Standard Practice for Thin-Walled Tube Sampling of Soils for Geotechnical Purposes.

The method consists in mechanically drilling until the desired depth using “hollow stem augers” and internal rods that ensures the complete casing of the borehole prior to sampling. Once the desired depth is reached, the sampler is inserted statically., collecting the sample. Depending on the kind of soil, especially when grained a “piston sampler” can be used.



Piston Sampler detail




Denison Samplers are used to collect undisturbed samples in more resistant soils that would not be able to be collected using Shelby Samples.

The sample is made with a rotary drill rig and a set of tubes and casings.



Denison Sampler detail




This sampler was developed by  Damasco Penna aiming to collect semi-disturbed samples in compacted fills where tradicional sampling could not be applied.


The samples are collected with dinamic penetration of a metalic sampler with an internal PVC tube with 3″ diameter . The samples can be used to diverse laboratory tests allowing diverse laboratory tests and understanting of the compaction degree of deep soil layers.



“Continuous cutting” sampler