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Publicado em 24/12/2016




The vane shear test is used to determine the undrained shear strenght of soft soils.


This test is standardized in Brazil by the ABNT NBR 10905/89  and in United States by ASTM D2573.


The test consists of pushing a cruciform vane mounted on a solid rod, inserted usually in a pre-drill. Reaching close to the desired depth, the vane is carefully pushed into the soil and is rotated whilst measuring rotation and torque


Besides the traditional Vane Test equipment in which the torque measures are made on the surface, Damasco Penna also offers the test performed with an equipment where the measures are made electronically close to the vane head, eliminating interference from the rods.





With the vane readings it is possible to obtain:

    • The torque x rotation graphico
    • Undrained shear strenght (Su)
    • Remolded shear strenght
    • Soil sensitivity




Vane Tester from duth manufacturer Ap Vd Berg





VANE - EXEMPLO 1 Example of test results